Welcome to Zwift Challenge!

The objective of this site is to provide an alternative motivation to challenge yourself on the toughest routes on Zwift. The theory is, the more points you earn the fitter and faster you become. It is aimed to be simplistic, not analysing the myriad of stats we all generate. So whilst we appreciate there are many variables at play, for most, riding these challenges and targeting your point zones, we hope this gives you the motivation to repeat the toughest routes again and again and become the King or Queen of your own mountain!

How does it work?

The toughest challenges on Zwift have been selected through ZwiftInsider.com's verified Strava segments. The general rule is a minimum of 2000ft of climbing. Each challenge is graphically represented in the course details page thanks to Veloviewer.com.

You ride each course, when you want, how you want, with whatever equipement you want and whatever powerups you have at your disposal. The aim is to complete the challenge as best you can, to become the King or Queen of your own mountain! You then earn points based on your own effort, relative to your PB.

Each course is given standard ride points relative to the effort required to complete the course. You then earn bonus points when you repeat a challenge. Bonus points are earned if your time is within 5% of your PB. Each time you get a PB, (or gain a KYM/QYM as we call it - King/Queen of Your own Mountain), you get maximum bonus points. This then sets new time bonus zones for the next time you ride that course.

Please note, events may have different starting positions and may not count towards your challenge score.
To update your points and leaderboard position, you will need to connect to Strava on the home page after your ride.

Points System

Each course is given standard ride points that every rider earns for taking on the challenge:

Mountain 8 Forward 1 Lap 19.8 2267 10
Mountain 8 Reverse 1 Lap 19.8 2267 10
Big Loop Forward 1 Lap 26.6 2175 20
Big Loop Reverse 1 Lap 26.6 2175 20
Tour of Fire and Ice 15.6 3825 40
Three Sisters Forward 29.7 2883 60
Three Sisters Reverse 29.7 2883 60
Surrey Hills 1 Lap 24.2 2800 60
Achterbahn 29.4 3194 60
PRL Half Forward 42.8 3130 80
The Pretzel Forward 1 Lap 44.8 4375 90
The Pretzel Reverse 1 Lap 44.8 4375 90
Mega Pretzel Forward 1 Lap 66.5 5387 150
The Four Horseman 55.4 6929 175
PRL Full Forward 107.5 8189 250

Bonus points are then available on top of this as follows:

Time Zone
Personal Best 50
Within 1% of PB 30
Within 2% of PB 20
Within 3% of PB 15
Within 4% of PB 10
Within 5% of PB 5


Although it's all about you and your effort, for additional motivation, see how you compare to your fellow Zwifters. You can filter the league by overall, year to date or by week.

You might not be the fastest, but you could work the hardest and climb the leaderboard.

Everyone has the chance to be number 1. You've just got to ride!

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