If you are experiencing any problems or would like to reach out please email info@zwiftchallenge.com

How we use your data

By connecting to strava you are agreeing for us to access to your Stava data.
The data we access are for the segments listed in the about page. We do not access any other segments on your strava account.
In terms of performance data, we only extract your segment times, which are used to calculate when and where you achieved a personal best and used to compare your segment time against the appropriate PB.
From this information we calculate your points; number of times the segments have been completed; the number of times you have beat your PB and then we store this information on a secure platform.

This information is then used to produce the leaderboard. Only you can view your Palmares page, nobody else has access to that view of your data.

Should you wish to have your data removed please unauthorise the app on your Strava account and use the above contact email to let us know and we will remove your data as soon as possible.

Known Issues

We are making every effort to bring you a trouble free experience but as with most developments we do have some known issues.

1. Internet Explorer does not currently display your Palmares page correctly and it is recommended to use an alternative browser such as Chrome, Edge and Safari.

If you are experiencing any issues please let us know by emailing info@zwiftchallenge.com, or if you have any suggestions for improvement we would very much like to hear them.